Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wheels, welding, etc....

I spent most of the morning masking off different bits and pieces at the painters. I picked up half a dozen cylinders from getting sandblasted. Check out all the fins missing on Paul's from cylinder.

I started fixing them, but ran out of rod, so I will have to pick some up later on. Lots of work to go, but it is nice to get started. This is a ton of work but now is the time to do it.

Ray is working on wheels. He is rebuilding seven of them. what a bunch of work.

Here are the wheels for Jason's 65. The rims were at the chrome plater for over a year. They turned out really nice though and it was worth the wait.

Notice how the center of the rim is not polished. These are the correct 62 and later rims with the heavy outside lip. Notice how the center strip where the spoke dimples are isn't polished. This is the way Kelsey Hayes and Harley made them. It is a neat detail.

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