Friday, January 28, 2011

parts, bottom ends and hiked up pants

I shipped this small order out to my friend in South carolina yesterday. The springs are 1936 to 1938 inner fork springs. I think that this might be the first set that I have sold. I had them made up six years ago and dumped a ton of money into the minimum order of 200 springs. I will probably have them until I am ninety.

I have spent most of the day photographing parts for our parts list and web page. This is something that I have been avoiding for a long time. I love figuring out how to make parts and making them or having them made, but despise working on lists and taking pictures. anyways we have over 130 parts and the complete list will be available soon.

Here is a neat pic of the seam on our 41 to 49 mufflers. Let me know if you need one for your bike, they are pretty much identical to oem ones.

My dad is putt ting Vern's 46 motor together. My dad told me that the flywheels were a real challenge to true up, but he got them with in .0015 on each side. This is how we check endplay on the bottom end. This bike is going to be so nice.

My dad found a magazine rack to use as a walker and wanted to do a staged photo of him acting like an old man. I always threaten to throw him in a retirement home and change the name on the sign to Matt's Dad Cycle Supply lol. Honestly though, he is still pretty sharp and always seems to pull some neat old trick out of his sleeve when I least expect it.

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