Tuesday, January 18, 2011

repitition is the best way to remember things lol

These are the evil covers that I mentioned earlier. A few of you commented and sent emails asking what I was talking about. Anyways you should throw these away. If you don't hate them now, you will surely hate them if you ever have to change a belt on the side of the road.

Primary set on the 42

Primary set on the 47

Primary set on the 52. Now I get to go out and install covers, well after I proofread and edit my amca column!!!!!!


  1. Matt, I know it's too soon to do yet, but please show how you do the alignment of the trans to get the belt to run true.
    Thanks for all the details you share with us.

  2. hey matt...what brand is that belt drive etc...????...i need to fit an old pan up and just get mystified with the choice....

    cheers..hope your well...