Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oil tank fix.

I got four oil tanks back from being boiled out a few days ago. I saw this nasty repair on Paul's oil tank. I have seen some really nasty pieces welded onto the oil tank brackets over the years. The stock brackets are made out of a pretty light gauge metal and break easily.

The brazing on the bracket pretty much ruined the metal that it was brazed to and crushed all hope of getting a nice weld on it so I cut this square patch out of it. This is kind of a neat pic, you can see how the bottom folds up at a right angle and is inside the tank. This is the way that all 36 to mid 38 tanks are assembled.
I cut a piece out of an old donor oil tank and welded it in.

Here it is all ground up and ready to have th bottom put in.

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