Tuesday, January 18, 2011

alignment info

Here is how you set up the belt and check for alignment. The straight edge is held tight against the clutch drum and intersects the center of the motor pulley. My dad measured the distance from the back edge of the motor pulley and zeroed out the caliper.

Here he is measuring the distance in the same spot on the front of the pulley. They have to be within .020 thousandths of an inch. It is also worth while to pull the spark plugs and kick the system through a dozen times and double check that everything is tracking straight and the belt isn't rubbing anywhere. Once this is set up, you never have to mess with you motor and transmission settings again!

47 primary cover installed

42 primary cover installed!


  1. Matt, Hmm. Twenty thousanths has me thinking. My 2 speed Excelsior has 3 chains and some very tight clearances. Can't wait to get back on it. I'm wondering too if it will really need a step link. Big mystery. Thankz, Paul

  2. So that's why I've seen pictures of failed belts. A primary belt will wear hard and let go if it isn't lined up straight. Makes perfect sense now! Great blog as ever Matt.


  3. hi paul, you shouldn't need a half link on your x. I would make sure that both of your sprockets have the same ratio. I ran into that problem on my sears. you can't just change one sprocket, you have to change two.

    Thanks for following along. hope all of this info helps somebody out.