Thursday, November 21, 2013

1981 Sturgis for sale

 My Friend Wayne is selling his 1981 Harley Sturgis,  These bikes are so damn cool.  It has dual belt drives and the super neat orange striped wheels.  These bikes were some of the first harleys produced after the buy back from AMF  Email him directly at to get more info.

He has a bunch of other parts for it too.   This bike is a good value,  go buy it!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

36, 38, speedometers and other stuff

 Pretty girls and knuckleheads are the best.   Britt is so cool
 This 36 chassis has one of our kickstand bracket, kickstand stop and short kickstand on it.  This is the first time we have been able to put one on a bike and check how the bike sits,  it is perfect.  Phew
 This is on a big bore 56 motor.  What the hell would the person be thinking when they did this.
 why would somebody counter bore these cases like this?
 vrooom vroom
 46 speedo
 47 speedo
 30 kj
 This is a 34 vl motor that my dad is just about done with.
This is Steve Mcqueen's 38 wl.   It is original paint silver tan with blue and white stripes.  It is primo.  If you are doing a 38 harley, go check out this link for good detail pics.  If your are interested in buying it, go check it out too

Sunday, November 10, 2013

36,38 and 39 details

 I cruised around on Jim's 38 this weekend.  These bikes are so nice.  I think that 38 was the best year for stock Harley Davidsons.  It was between 40 and  50 degrees out which is amazing for where we live.

 Here is a great photo of a 38 el with a 38 miles on it
 Here is an awesome photo of a 39 el that was posted over on the AMCA facebook page.  I started it 14 months ago and it almost has 9000 members on it.  Pretty soon there will probably be more people on the site than ones that are actually in the club.  If you have a facebook account, go over and join

 I sent my friend Anthony's nos vl fender out last week.  He let me borrow it for paint lay out and matching.  Here are some good pics to help you guys out with your striping questions for 34 to 36 harleys
 I love seeing stuff like this.  The cream in the crown is not really laid out the best.  When we restore these bikes we agonize over having every little detail perfect, when harley used looser tolerances when they actually produced the bikes.

These are the risers for my dad's 36,  I am missing some parts,  do any of you guys have the stuff that we need to complete them.   Please email me at to discuss

Thursday, November 7, 2013

brake drums, fast wife, buco and a 39

 I spent the day riding Jim's 39 around.  It is really a nice bike.  It was 50 degrees out today with a cold wind.   MY ears felt like they were going to fall off after each ride, but it was worth it.   We have another blue and white 39 to do and a green one as well.   I think that this is my all time favorite tank panel layout of the pre war years. 
 Our friend Haley from North Carolina sent us a flash drive with a bunch of photos of Brittney racing in Wauseon. I cant wait to see her race again.  She really did a good job this summer and got comfortable with her bike.  
 I have been putting springers for different bikes together.  This was a tough one,  I will post pics of the others in the next post

 Here are the ones that got powdercoated.

 HEre are a bunch of brake drums with new sprockets on them.  This is so much damn work.   I still have to put in the missing dowel pins in a few of them, but the hard work is mostly over.
 My dad bought these sweet saddle bags for his 40 el that hes been piecing together for 14 years.  They are old buco ones.  I am not really sure what era they are from.  Do any of you guys have literature for them?
 eagle on the flap
 Greg, even packed them with paper towels!  Thanks greg, we just used the last one of a roll by the sink. 
Nice stamp!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Here is a great video of some of my friends Racing

This video is of Jeff Baer and Billy racing out on the east coast.  These are big heavy bikes and they haul ass.   Go check it out.
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I took the circus wagon for a ride today. It was so much fun.  I love this bike I cant believe that I have had it for ten years.  It seams like I just got it yesterday.  I sound like an old man lol
 There was a big gouge in this 36 clutch pedal, so I welded it up.  
 We are doing final prep on this 36 frame and a 40 frame for paint next week!
 Here is a rough beat up primary cover that I need to fix.  I have one chunk welded in and will do the other one after lunch.  I read an article about paucho that said that this was the first part they made.   They really take a beating and there has been a need for them for over 40 years!!   This one is for an original paint 47 that we rebuilt the motor and straightened the frame and fork on.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

tour of Harley Headquarters and museum visit

 Britt and I went to Wisconsin to tour birthing centers a couple weeks ago and stopped by Milwaukee on our miniature midwest tour.  Here is a cool photo of one of the old transformer from the factory.
 I have seen a few cut away motors over the years but never seen an entire cut away bike.  Here is a sturgis that was cut up to show off the dual belt drive set up
 Bill took some time and showed us the back of the archives.   There is so much cool stuff in the museum and cool stuff that is not even shown.
 Check out all the nos tanks on the shelves and the Vr1000 body kits
 Here is the infamous fred dixon john cameron eight valve
 i love these ported sleeves for the model hx carbs
 Randy smith's magnum was on display.  Here is a grenaded bottom end out of one of his first attempts at the magnum
 Of course we had to stop and see SLOJOE's old fat boy.  Nice fender tips joe!