Tuesday, November 12, 2013

36, 38, speedometers and other stuff

 Pretty girls and knuckleheads are the best.   Britt is so cool
 This 36 chassis has one of our kickstand bracket, kickstand stop and short kickstand on it.  This is the first time we have been able to put one on a bike and check how the bike sits,  it is perfect.  Phew
 This is on a big bore 56 motor.  What the hell would the person be thinking when they did this.
 why would somebody counter bore these cases like this?
 vrooom vroom
 46 speedo
 47 speedo
 30 kj
 This is a 34 vl motor that my dad is just about done with.
This is Steve Mcqueen's 38 wl.   It is original paint silver tan with blue and white stripes.  It is primo.  If you are doing a 38 harley, go check out this link for good detail pics.  If your are interested in buying it, go check it out too  http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?CFGRIDKEY=AN1113-175374

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