Sunday, November 10, 2013

36,38 and 39 details

 I cruised around on Jim's 38 this weekend.  These bikes are so nice.  I think that 38 was the best year for stock Harley Davidsons.  It was between 40 and  50 degrees out which is amazing for where we live.

 Here is a great photo of a 38 el with a 38 miles on it
 Here is an awesome photo of a 39 el that was posted over on the AMCA facebook page.  I started it 14 months ago and it almost has 9000 members on it.  Pretty soon there will probably be more people on the site than ones that are actually in the club.  If you have a facebook account, go over and join

 I sent my friend Anthony's nos vl fender out last week.  He let me borrow it for paint lay out and matching.  Here are some good pics to help you guys out with your striping questions for 34 to 36 harleys
 I love seeing stuff like this.  The cream in the crown is not really laid out the best.  When we restore these bikes we agonize over having every little detail perfect, when harley used looser tolerances when they actually produced the bikes.

These are the risers for my dad's 36,  I am missing some parts,  do any of you guys have the stuff that we need to complete them.   Please email me at to discuss

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