Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey everybody, go check out my friend Julie's blog at She is doing an apprenticeship with my friend Mike in Canyon city. Have a nice day

grease zerc scale action

I shipped an order for 500 grease zercs today. My daddy and I made up our own grease zercs six years ago because we didn't like the ones on the market. They are really nice and look just like the grease zercs that were used from 1938 to 1953ish, (the ball is not visible) Anyways the minimum order was 12 or 15 thousand, so needless to say I will have grease zercs for the rest of my life!

I posted pics of this case a couple months ago. It is for a 1940 engine that we are doing for a guy in Colorado. It had a lot of cancerous pouros welding that was not good. This is one of the pieces that was cut out.

Here it is next to the repaired case.

The motor mount was really nasty too so that got hacked out and replaced at the same time.

Here is the finished product. Blow it up on your screen and look for pores in the welding. There aren't any. This is an undetectable job and it will last for many years to come. I am very grateful for the group of guys that we work with while turning old junk into useable parts.

It is pretty common to have to deck cylinder bases on cases. You always have to do mis matched cases and most of the time matched cases need it to. Here is a pic of dialing in the surface.

Here is the fly cutter in action.

Sometimes on mis matched cases you have to bore the cylinder spigots out as well. It only took a .010 cut to get this case set up. You want to take out the absolute minimum amount of material in order to make the cylinder slip inot the hole.

Here is a pic of dialing in the oil pump surface. The motor mounts are perpendicular to this plane, and this is the first step when re surfacing motor mount pads.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I got a box full of waxes today. It was mainly sears parts but I did get these four 3speed and reverse 36 shift gate waxes. They will be horrible sellers! I am making these as a favor to a friend.

ooh lala
Here are some sears motor mount u bolts, fork rockers and axle stays

Monday, February 22, 2010

Check out the hole around 2 o'clock! The shackle wore through the backing plate! This is crazy

Here is the inside of it after being welded up

here it is after grinding!

Here is the outside repair area

Whoa! where did the hole go? I also installed a n.o.s. shackle stud

I got an early 38 frame back from sandblasting and saw some things that I didn't like. This is the right down tube, somebody over tightened the crash bar u bolts and crimped the tube.

HEre is one of the bottom rails

and the other side. This thing was a little beat up, too beat up for my liking, so I cut it up to replace some tubes.

Here it is, the neck casting is sorted out, as is the lower motor mount and bottom gas tank mount. I have to clean out the sidecar loops and then it will be ready to go back together. This will make a good repair!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check out the squashed bird! I cast these up a year ago, and this is the first one that I put on a bike. It took a couple hours to fit it to the fender, but it turned out really well, and Tim didn't have to pay 800 dollars for an original one.

Here are all the parts that make up a 38 front end.

Here it is assembled. This is a one year only fork. It has grease zercs on the outside of the perches and a square broached through the fork stem for the steering dampener anchor pin. I should have a roller tomorrow

Thursday, February 18, 2010

sorry tim!


Right side 3/4. Check out the coil!

We couldn't get this bike to run right with the magneto, so we put a circuit breaker back in it. It runs like a top now. I just rode it in 14 degree weather. Tim can mess with that witch craft stuff later. I am hauling the bike away to Mitchel so my friend Brian can haul it to Daytona! Have a nice night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got a batch of back bones from a vendor this morning. I have been waiting on these for a couple weeks.

Here is a late 47 uu frame that I am retubing for one of my friends in Georgia.

In this pic the bottom tubes and backbone are installed. The left tube has the flat area for primary cover clearance.

Here is the back bone and neck installed

HEre are the down tubes installed.

Bottom tubes, sidecar loops and front motor mount are installed in this pic

Here it is with the crash bar installed. This is as far as I can go before bolting it down in the jig and welding it together.

Monday, February 15, 2010

WHOA take a look at this cute little genny saddle! I am so excited to make this repair piece. My foundry just sent me one of them to approve and it looks great.

Here is the bottom of it, I am taking orders for them now. Let me know how many you want!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Here is a link to a circus peanut that my friend Larry put on ebay. I can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this profound discovery. Check it out and judge for yourself!

website updates!

I am working with a local fellow to put our new parts list up on our business I have been working on the list all day. These are all parts that my father and I either make or have made for us in the mid west. We are our number one customer, which means that we use the parts on bikes that we build, so they have to fit!
Here is the list, I am going to go shoot pictures and and more text to it today!

Part number Description Category Price
3891019-48 48 and Later Bumper Mount Accessory 12.00
Leather Gas Cap Washers Accessory 20/Set Late 41-42 Saddle Bag Bags Accessory 80.00
8891830-54 Oil Level Sight Gauge Accessory
9511266-36 36-40 Wheel Rings Accessory 400/Set
11241-42 Squashed Bird Casting Accessory 100/Set
13021-36 36-40 Big Twin Front Crash chassis 400.00
74140-36 Brake Cross Over Spacer Brakes 16.00
39-57 Rear Brake Bell Crank Brakes 25.00
33 37-38 Rear Brake Bell Crank Brakes 25.00
4946-48 Front Brake Cam Lever Brakes 25.00
28-40 GL 5 Brake Lever Clamp Brakes 15.00
36-57 Brake Cross Over Bell Crank Brakes 25.00,902957-37 Only Brake Pedal Brakes 75.00
36 Only Brake Pedal Brakes 100.00,
61254-40 1940-47 High Speed Needle Carburetor 32.00
191254-36 36-39 High Speed Needle Carburetor 32.00
211152-11 30-39 Low Speed Needle Body Carburetor 16.00
221153-11 40 And Earlier Low Speed Needle Screw Carburetor 16.00
351152-11 40-47 Low Speed Needle Carburetor 16.00
403573-36 36-47 Gas And Oil Line Y Casting Carburetor 20.00
35-43 Air Cleaner Tag Rivets Carburetor2/Set
471403-35d 35-39 Air Cleaner Data Tag Carburetor 20.00
1109-36 36-39 Intake Manifold Cad Plated Carburetor 200.00
11109-36 36-39 Intake Manifold Nickel Plated Carburetor 200.00
771403-45c 35-Early 37 Air Cleaner Cover Carburetor 300.00
781403-38 38-40 Air Cleaner Cover Carburetor Accessory 300.00
791402-38 38-40 Air Cleaner Backing Plate Carburetor Accessory 90.00
122759-46 46-48 Handle Bar Lock Plate Chassis 55.00
4813501-36a Late 36 Crash Guard Spacer Chassis 50/Set
832759-36 Early 36 Handle Bar Hold Down Nut Chassis 40.00
Short Cast Aluminum Foot Boards Chassis 200/Set 1032778-36 Early 36 Steering Dampener Chassis 300.00
293826-36 36 Chain Guard Tab Drive 12.00
1338-48 Spot Light Adjusting Screws Electrical Accessory 6.00 per Set 46/47 Wiring Flag Electrical 3.00
264777-26 Horn Switch Spring Lock Electrical 5.00
284709-38a 38-47 Oil Sending Unit Terminal Electrical 16.00
371741-36 36-37 Relay Insulators Electrical 25/Set
414768-26 Horn Button Electrical 8.00
424766-26 Horn Wire Block Electrical 8.00
434776-26 Horn Switch Contact Plate Electrical 8.00
574523-38 38 Dash Light Tunnels Electrical 140.00
4522-38a 38 Dash Lenses Electrical 56/Set
3535-52 Black Cycle Ray Head Light Electrical 250.00 Chrome Cycle Ray Head light Electrical 300.00
24 36- 39 Stainless Steel Push Rod Clips Engine 60.00 41-49 Big twin Muffler Exhaust 330.00 Pre 1945 Spark Plug Nuts Electrical 8.00 a set392619-36 36-38 Big Twin Inner Fork Springs Chassis 25.00 46 Only Fork Bearing Retainer Chassis 75.00

Part number Description Category Price
34419 38-52 Grease Zerk Hardware 3.00
106033-30 Handlebar Pinch Bolt Hardware 16.00 2311520-3936-39 Gas Valve Extension accessory 35.00
3646-48 Shock Washers Hardware 20.00
584409-24 1/4 20 Wing nut Hardware 8.00
11136-65 Gas Tank Mounts Hardware 60/Set
7528-31 Front Brake Lever Henderson 30.00
7628-31 Front Brake Cam Henderson 60.00
6450-50 Return Line Fitting Motor 12.00
6940-54 Intake Inserts Motor 40/Set
7136-39 Intake Inserts Motor 50/Set
114713-39 38-40 Hour Glass Regulating Spring Motor 12.00
44 Early 36 Frog Eyes Motor 120.00
45124-36 36/37 Rocker Box Snap Rings Motor 20.00
5 36-65 OHV Head Bolt Washer 10 per Kit Motor 5.00
97-36, 97-36a 36-37 Blow Out Fitting Motor 45.00
113N/a 38-47 Knuckle Head Return Lines Motor, Repair 100.00
Oil Tank Bracket Repair 30.00
Center Stand Mounts Repair 150.00
40-54 Special Intake Inserts Repair 45/Set
Big Twin Replacement front Fork Repair 150/Set 45" Replacement Front Fork Legs Repair 150/Set
21936 Shift Arm Hardware Transmission 25.00
27N/A36-40 Clutch Arm End Transmission 35.00
342209-39 39 Only Shift Gate Transmission 80.00
542804-36 36 only Transmission Mounting Plate Transmission 75.00
542804-37 37-57 Transmission Mounting Plate Transmission 55.00
36-64 Transmission Adjuster Transmission 20.00
632247-39 Three Speed Reverse/39 Only Shift Fork Transmission 45.oo
672409-36b 36-39 Clutch Bearing Cover Transmission 40.00
39 Transmission Gear Kit Transmission 1000.00
8436-40 22 Tooth Transmission Sprocket Transmission 35.00
2409-36 36-38 Clutch Pedal Transmission 100.00
32204-36 1936 Shift Arm Transmission 400.00
42209-36 1936 Shift Gate Transmission 100.00
16 WR Oil Line Nuts wr 28.00
17 WR Feed Line Clip WR 12.00
252944-48r 48-52 WR Right Peg Mount WR 25.00
6660310-50r 48-52 WR Chain Guard WR 80.00
1583606-32a WR /KR Gas Elbow WR, Carburetor 45.00
1448-52 WR Transmission Fill Plug WR, Transmission 25.00
92263-36 1936 only Transmission Support Bracket transmission 35.00
115713-36 36-37 Oil Pump Regulating Spring motor 12.00
1940 to 1942 Stainless steel pushrod clipsmotor 60.00

Friday, February 12, 2010

I built a bunch of hubs and wheels today. I like to plug fit the bearings. What ever size is a tight fit, you drop the roller size down 2 sizes. Here is the chart for the nine hubs that I did today.

Here are all of the parts that jesse cleaned up for me. What a bunch of work.

I knocked out all 9 hubs and started lacing up wheels, here is a wheel for a 48. I like to set up the endplay for the star sleeve after the wheel is laced up. It is just easier.

And here is the same wheel laced up.

And eight more!

wheel problems and what to do!

Here is a repro wheel center. Check out the radius where the washer sits. Last year I had problems with wheels not spinning once I tightened them up on the bike. This little radius causes the washer to not sit up against the wheel center like it is supposed to.

See the light in between the two pieces. There are two ways to fix this issue, you can either cut a right angle in the center or bevel the washer.
I beveled the washer for two reasons, 1 It is easier and 2. The wheel center is depth hardened, and if I cut a relief in the center it would cause a weak spot.

Here is the finished combo ready to go. Hopefully this tip saves you some future headaches

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is what happens when bad mechanics try to remove a panhead oil pumpwith out taking the key out of the shaft! Obviously the pump would have less pressure since there would be a gap between the feed and return sides of the pump.

Here it is with some metal put back in it. I didn't have time to machine it out today. I dropped it off to get painted on my way to straighten out a 46 and a 48 frame, and a whole mess of front ends. I will post more pics of the set up and finished product later.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here is the card for Mike Lichter's 2010 Sturgis exhibit. I will have my sears on display and my dad is bringing a 36 for the show. It is going to be a fun deal. Are any of you readers attending this year?

Check out my our name on the list! It is so neat to get to be a part of the exhibit this year and to be listed with so many other neat bike builders!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

carry on for Cincinnati

I am heading out to ohio in the morning, and bringing a special present for my favorite painter in the world. One of the peanuts in the bag has writing on it, but i cant make it out.