Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spooning leads to forking

Here is a pic from our pre war knucklehead run last year. I think that there would be a lot fewer problems in the world if everybody had an early EL to curl up next to at night.

Friday, May 29, 2009

AT47 hubs and some 18" rims

Bare hubs with fresh powder paint!!!!

The bearing clearance has already been set up by the time you have to worry about endplay. In this pic, you can see how to check it with a dial indicater. I use a broad tip on the indicator, it seems to work well.

Here are the two sets of wheels that I laced up today, the cad rims are for our 37EL and the cream wheels are for a 36 that belongs to a friend in Indiana. They are so pretty!!! I was going to lace up a pair of 16" 47 wheels, but the paint on the rims was not up to par.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rory's 1937 ULH

Here is a pic of my best friend Rory's 37 ULH. There was a story about it in The Antique Motorcycle a couple of issues ago. This bike is stellar,

Here is a pic of the 37/38 basket weave saddlebags, these things are so pretty, they make the bike. I am going to have a set made for my 36.

This bike has an original speedo face, it looks so nice compared to reproductions, check out the little beauty spotlight, man-o-man

Nice air cleaner Rory, where on earth did you find a 1937 only 6 " air cleaner??


This pic reminds me of those ancient Chinese warrior statues that were buried under ground, except they are wing nut waxes.

Here is a pic of a wing nut wax and a finished plated part. I hate modern wing nuts, they are squared off and CHEAP looking. I used to buy reproduction wing nuts that kind of look correct, but they were made out of pot metal and the threads stripped out after you tightened them up a couple of times.

Here are some late 41/42 saddlebag badge waxes. These are so nice!!

1949 Harley Davidson LE sidecar

Jesse started cleaning up our original paint sidecar today, it is peacock blue, just like the 49 that we bought a couple of months ago.

Here is some of the crud that came out of it. It smelled like cat pee. Ick!

Check out the hornet's nest!!!!

Couple of pics from last weekend.

Olson's melons!! I know the Olson isn't spelled like my last name, but it was still a cool opportunity for a neat photo. This pic is from last weekend. The joint looked like it had been closed for a while.

I love the way bikes look like this, unfortunately, I don't get to do this to any other bikes except my own. If you have a 36 and drop the oil the same way, please send me a pic and I will post it. lol

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1937 UL

Here is a pic of the bike I worked on yesterday, it is a shiny nice looking bike 1937 UL

Check out the oil pump, This bike has been modified for skirt oilers.
The extra oil line goes up to the cylinders and oils the skirts of the pistons.
Some guy sells an instruction booklet on how to do this modification, his instructions
are pretty good, but the section on machining the feed pump is incomplete, be careful if
you ever do this mod by your self.
The reason I was working on this bike yesterday, was because it was smoking
out of the front cylinder. The service manual tells you not to use oil rings on the
front cylinder on Us and Es. With the extra skirt oilers, there was some oil blowing past
the two compresssion rings and into the combustion chamber on the front cylinder. So we pulled the cylinder put new rings in it and fixed the problem.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1958 Duo Glide detail pics

My friends Jerry and Trudi dropped by the shop this morning on their way to Sturgis.
Jerry had his original paint 58 with him. He said it was leaking oil. I did a little back of the truck maintenance and burnished his oil pump seats.

Here is what the tools look like for fixing oil pump seats. You screw these little guys into the oil pump body and turn the adjuster in and reface the check ball's seat.

Check out the dealer tag. I want to make something like this for our business. I will probably use an adhesive though, since it would be difficult to convince our customers into letting me drill holes in their sheet metal.

49 panhead fuel line

the gas crossover line for our 49 was clogged with old gas that turned into tar, so we filled it with penetrating oil and set it on fire.

Here is the fitting that screws onto the right tank.

Check out the goo that came out of it.

Here is the other side. I wasn't really sure how this would work. The heat
pushed the gunk out of the holes. I wouldn't want to use a big torch, it would discolor
the metal. My dad went over the line with an sos pad, and all of the original cad plating was intact.

100th post!!!

This post is a pretty big deal, it is the first new bike to be on my site, and it is also my 100th post.
This is a pic of Dan and Tara, they rode down to mitchel with me this weekend after my birthday,

Monday, May 25, 2009

47 pics from last friday!

Here is a pic of Bob's 47 and my 36, last and first,
This is a cool pic. There are not too many parts that
interchange between these.

Here is a pic of Bob riding his knuckle for the first
time, he did a good job on it.

Here is a pic of my daddy and I that Bob took.

Bob on his new 47!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Checking knuckleheads for spark!!!

This video is pretty cool, I am glad that Jesse was at work today, it used to be my job to hold onto the spark plug wires, it probably explains that twitch that I have. lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some of the cool people we saw on our trip.

Here is a pic of us at Mark Lafluer's hotel, we didn't stay here, we just checked it out,
it is really nice. I have known mark since I was 8 years old, he is a great guy.

Here is a pic of Lee from Lee's Speed Shop riding our 41 knucklehead in MN. He has a great shop that he gave us a tour of. This guy is a sharp cookie and knows how to build nice knucklehead engines.

Here is a great pic of my dad and I with Phil Runser of Advanced Cycle and Machine. Phil has been working on bikes since 48. He was tight with Walter Davidson, John Nowack, Von dutch and a ton of other legends. He worked at the factory until 71, and has been working on fixing old junk harley parts since. If you are ever in Superior Wisconsin, you owe it to yourself to go see him and talk old bikes.

Mason Baas filling up transmission oil

After the open house last week, we all went and rode bikes around mn. Here is a pic of Mason filling trans oil into Mario's shovelhead chopper. Check out the custom gas cap, my dad made it, what a master fabricator.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Panhead chopper!!!!!!

Here is a pic of Dave Polgreen and his amazing panhead chopper. He let me ride this bike, it was the most fun I have had on a motorcycle in a long time. This bike runs super strong, and is soo much fun to ride.

Check out the sticker, this is one of the coolest bikes that have one of our stickers on it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The goods!

While I was on vacation, an amazing package showed up at the shop, something I had been waiting for--Aluminum floorboards!!! These are bitchin, I had to throw it on a bike and check it out. I have to sand them down and finish the raw castings, but I have them. YAY!!

Larry Medwig, fender repair man, father, husband, cat lover

Here is the sign that our art department(Jesse) made for Larry when he got off
of the plane in aberdeen last tuesday.

Here is a pic of us in Sauk Centre at the Ding Dong cafe

Larry knows the importance of eating a hearty meal before
a long day of riding motorcycle. This is what the DING DONG omelet
looks like, He ate the whole thing. Larry doesn't mess around.

Here is a pic I took today of Larry riding our original
paint 37 EL, This bike is a rocket ship!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Laura Klock helps work on her 47 knucklehead project!!

Here is a pic of my daddy and I with Laura. She was in the shop last week to tear down her 47 motor and trans. She did all of the work, and my dad and I just helped.

This is a staged photo, my dad didn't do anything the whole day.

Here is a pic of me taking the oil pump snap ring off of the oilpump shaft.

Here is a pic of Laura taking the front cylinder off of her motor. She has a land speed record, check out her website at or

Monday, May 11, 2009

machining fixtures are the best thing in the world!!!!!!!

check out the fixture my daddy made today. This is for recutting cam holes that have been welded up on right cases. He set it up to fix the pinion and two stud holes too. This is a cool setup and works well.

harley knucklehead riding pics!!!!

My daddy and I worked on getting the bikes ready for our open house trip today. After work we rode into Aberdeen to eat, I took some neat pics, I figured you guys would enjoy them.

This is our original paint 41, this bike had 7,500 miles on it when we bought it. The fenders are not original paint, but the tanks are. This bike is untouched. The muffler on this bike is one of the ones we used as a sample when we were making our reproductions. It is nice to have it back on the bike.

The saddlebags on this bike are late 41-42, I make the shields for them, I used one of the ones off this bike for a pattern. These bags were flat as a pancake when we got the bike!

Here is a pic of my 36, this bike sure rides down the road straight! I love this bike sooo much!