Monday, May 11, 2009

1942 harley Davidson knucklehead fl

My dad and I went up to North Dakota to look at a 42 yesterday (mothers day). I have never been able to throw a bike on its side to see if the belly numbers match. I had to take a pic, this is too cool. this bike had early lifter blocks, 42 to early 45 oil pump, stainless steel pushrod clips, all of the right date codes. This bike is the coolest. It had an aluminum seely manifold, which is cool. It looks like a 36 to39 manifold, but it is for a 4 bolt carb pattern. It is the only large port one that I have ever seen.

I have had a lot going on this last week and have not had the time to make it to a computer. I will be leaving for the Kennedy open house on Wednesday morning, I'll try to post enough junk on here so you guys get your fix.

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