Monday, December 31, 2012

Some iPhone pictures from the last six months

I spent a little time going through my phone and picking out some I the pictures that I took since June. We have packed a lot of fun stuff into a short amount of time. From getting married and the cannonball to born free and going to Yokohama 2012 has been amazing. Thank you to all of my friends that helped make it so memorable. 2013 is going to be a lot less hectic and will e filled with long days and nights in the shop. Happy new year

Happy new year and the Carl's cycle supply pick for mooneyes

Happy new year everyone here are some cool pics of our mooneyes pick and other cool pictures. 2012 has been wild and I'm glad it's over and were moving on to 2013. Thanks for following along on the site and hopefully I'll see you around at the meets or on the road next year

Friday, December 28, 2012

Working working working

It's Friday night and we've been having fun in the shop and getting a lot of stuff done. I set up the primaries on the forty seven and my dad finished up the valves on two sets of panheads. I welded up a couple more stainless steel fishtails for the batch of stainless 1936 to 1940 mufflers that I'm doing. It's a lot more challenging to work with Ss steel. But it will be really cool to have a stainless muffler for my bike and a few friends bikes. Two of these will end up on my friend joes thirty seven. Hes building a bike that he hopes to go 150 mph with. I really think he can do it. Hopefully I can get you guys some pics as it progresses

We got a set of original Flanders risers for Scott's thirty eight and a mechanically restored speedometer for bobs thirty Nine
Jesse blasted a pair of four fin cylinders that came with a motor from new York. They were sleeves and whoever did it used top much of an interference fit and cracked them on the sides. I've never seen a set break like this and it really buns me out. I need some four fin cylinders for a couple bikes we are working on and it just really sucks when somebody that doesn't know what they are doing destroys parts

The pic of brittney and I is from mooneyes. My friend Sumino sent or toe. I wa really nervous riding the bike through the show. There were probably seen hundred people lining the pathway to the stage. It was pretty unreal.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas break

Brittney and I went to Sioux falls ti spend our first Christmas with her family. It was a pretty good time. My favorite part was going tabogining with her brothers. Brittney found some neat old wooden sled that we could all fit on and we had a great time going down Sioux falls hills. It wa not fun dragging the tabogin back up ti the start of the hill.

While we were gone my dad finished putting normal four speed gears ini the red forty seven transmission. A bunch of tires showed up and our oil tanks got boiled out. I've been working on the Hollywood green iffy five for Ed. It's going pretty smooth.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Some neat pics of jacks thirty six

Brittney and I Are in siouxfalls spending Christmas with her family. We went taboginning yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Here are some cool pictures of jacks thirty six. This is the bike that had the weird shift arm and gate that I posted pics of last week. Check out the frame it is a thirty seven frame that somebody put a neck lock on. It's really well done and cool to see. Jack found a thirty six frame on eBay that we will be retuning for this bike in a month or so. The tank shift modification wa really well done too. I really look up to old craftsmen that modified parts and made cool stuff back in the fifties. It would be hard work to do these types of things nowadays with all of the tools that we have at our disposal. And these were done in the fifties.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some show bikes from yokohoma

Here are some pics of different bikes from the mooneyes show. It was so cool. The bikes were overwhelming. You didn't even have time to look at then because there were so many. I just tried to take as many pics as I could so I could look at them later

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ed's fifty vive panhead

I spent the day wiring up eds fifty five. It's almost done. I still have to do the front fork. Here are some pics of the five five brittney at the yokoma show and y friend Paul's Vincent. Which is an amazing motorcycle

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jacks thirty six sheetmrtal

My friend jack sent his thirty six sheet metal to us to sort out. Jack bought this bike six or eight years ago from a European broker. It was in the wrong frame and had some strange modifications done to the bike out o necessity. One of the strange things was the shift arm and shift gAte were moved eight inches back on the left tank. This was very well done modification but it kind of makes you wonder why?? I cut a shift pivot off of a donor forty five tank which should work out pretty well. The biggest problem with the tanks is that they are Coates on the inside. What process have you guys had the best luck with removing tank coating? Please chime in

Also the bungs I. The tank were switched. The large reserve tank valve was in the right tank and the small valve was in the left tank. We can sort it out and fix it. It's just strange. The good news is that the fenders and tanks are unbelievably straight. The rear fender has zero rot or dents. It was never drilled for saddlebags which is so bizarre The frot fender is nice. Although somebody put rl or wl braces in it at some point. Stay tuned on this cool project. We are also doing the frame and fork and drivetrain eventually

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Curts thirty six frame

We're getting ready to put another thirty six frame together. This is a real deal one that our friend curt has had since the seventies. He told me that he bought it from a guy who had some striker engine in it. He would race it around every weekend and then break part of the frame. After a few times off spot fixing it, he got fed up and welded every seam on the frame whether it was broken or not. This meant that every non factory weld had to be modified to look like an original frame. Luckily Jesse was up to the task and filed on it for a couple days. This frames turning out sweet and should be going together next week Here are some pics of the a le castings to give you an idea

Monday, December 17, 2012

More parking garage photos from yokohoma

Check em out. The first tank of the white tank on the Btsv is the best patina paint job I've ever seen. I uploaded a pic of my friend yugins op thirty seven for comparison Japanese people are so smart