Thursday, December 13, 2012

63 flh teardown

Jesse started to take Andy's sixty three apart whim brittney my dad and I were in Japan. This is a bike he was piecing together with his favorite parts from different bikes the only problem was that they didn't necessarily fit together very well. We are basically tearing it down and going through the mechanical parts of it putting stock style duals on it, buckhorn bars, a s and s carb and ditching the seat spring s. It will be a super fun bike to cruise around on and have fun with.

The motor had never been run after a fresh rebuild. I took a pic of the cracked exhaust area of the head. Both of thes heads were cracked in the same spot. It's a bit of a common issue expect ally when people put to big of guides in the head. The rod bearings were put in incorrectly. Which is pretty interesting. This project will have food before and after pics. Stay tuned

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