Friday, April 27, 2012

Test post from iphone

This is th motor that showed up at oley. It sure looks like an early hd motor. everyone that I've talked to says something different. Whatever it is it's really cool

randoms from the last day or two

Here is a pic of the auto gem lights all wired up on John's 48.  These are led lights that are about ten times brighter than stock tail lights.   We built a green knucklehead for tom a few years ago, you can buy the lights from him or through J and P.  He also just started making six volt lights,  I feel a lot better whenever i am riding a bike with these on it.  Safety does not take a vacation.
My dad put Jim's 55 carb back together and installed it.  
Here is the 45 wl carb mounted up.  I am going to finish up the wiring on it this weekend and mount the tanks for good.  I love 45s, they have such great style.
This is a rare picture of inside our testing lab that shows our experimental downdraft linkert carb experiment.  check out the hard hat and how official it makes everything look in this picture.
I took some pictures of our new peek tip gas shut off rods for an ad in the AMCA magazine.  these are so cool and work really well,  
this is another picture that I took for the ad, you can see both styles of seats and rods in this pic.
Check out this amazing shot of a big twin sidevalve that was posted on the AMCA facebook page,  there are people all over the world putting cool pics up every day.  I am amazed, you should go join if you have a facebook account
check out this cool 36 el picture that was just posted on the AMCA Facebook page, I have never seen this pic before.  The bike is pretty stock except for the wild custom bent standard bars. they look pretty cool.
Somebody posted this sweet 46 on there too.   I love the tank paint.

 here is the top of the born free oil tank and some of the bungs that are for it.

check out the top mount, its a 36 transmission mount,  it matches the radius of the filler cap perfectly

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Help out fellow AMCA members Tim and Sandy

My Friends Tim and Sandy have been having a rough time.  Sandy had a massive stroke in early February and has been dealing with the side affects since then.  I met Tim and Sandy through going to the Chief Black Hawk Davenport meet when I was younger.   They are great antique enthusiasts and have always done a lot to help out with one of the best meets that the Antique Motorcycle Club of America puts on.  Check out the site and help them out if you can.  
I don't know what to say except take five minutes and check out this video, and this site.  Please repost where every you can and see fit.  thanks, count your blessings and have a great day

saddlebag pics and 46 shakedown

 I wanted to take this picture of John's 48 before the rear fender got drilled for saddlebag plates.

 And after about an hour and a half of messing around the bag is installed!
 i went for an E.M.R.  to the gym and to pick up some stuff at the auto parts store.
 I had to stop by the auto parts store and get some shrink wrap.  This bike works really nice,  I have to adjust the chain, change the oil, re center the front brake and a few other odds and ends. 
After the gym, I met Brittney at Subway, this subway is in the ugliest new building in town.   The lot that the building is on is right across the street from where I lived when I was four and five years old.  I learned how to ride a bicycle in this parking lot,  everytime I ride or drive by it I get bummed out by seeing this nasty block of a building.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blown up 42 motor

Here is a 42 motor that got dropped off at the shop for the next batch of motor rebuilding.   The owner was riding the bike home and heard a strange noise,  he thought he dropped a valve and decided to try driving the remaining three miles home.   Check out the 41 to 44 fl cylinder. these things are soooo rare and hard to find.   the date code was put on the cylinder wall, and most of it was machined off when hd cut the relief for the cylinder base nut.  
This is the first time that  I have seen a motor brought in with a tie down strap holding the cylinder in place.
here is a pic of the removed front cylinder, notice the base is still on the cases.
here are the four pieces of the base

the cause of this blow up was a sleeved fl cylinder that was punched out .040.   Original fl cylinders do not sleeve well,   this one grenaded.  Luckily the cases were not harmed and the motor can be fixed.  On another note, the bike is 42f 19xx  and it has flat top lifter blocks.   The 42 el that we did last year was 42el22xx and it had countersunk lifter blocks, so I guess hd switched sometime in those three hundred bikes.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

honda paint, daisy and a sixty five

Daisy ran away on Saturday and we got her back. She went two miles to one of our friends house. I feared that she was gone for good, but thankfully we found her.
This is a honda dream fender that my friend Mike is fixing up for an original paint 65 dream. He is fixing it up for a dealer in south dakota that has had the honda franchise since the early sixties.
this is the paint for the honda dream fender. How cool is this??? it is an original honda lacquer can. I can't wait to see how it paints out.
Check out all of these btsv cylinders and knuckleheads. I couldn't get them all in the picture! The paint is very sticky and takes a few days until you can handle it.
oh hey, this kind of looks like a fender mount.

all ready to go.

it is all ground and looks like an old casting. it turned out pretty nice.
here is the amp gauge housing. it is making some progress. We bought a gauge cluster out of a 27 dodge car off of ebay and are using the guts and making bezels, faces, and holders for them. The brass washer will take up the spot where the original face doesn't cover. we are going to make new graphics for them as well because they are kind of flaking. I am thinking about black faces with white markings to match the indian 741 speedometer.

This is Jason's primary set up. I had to do a lot of welding and machining on the starter boss. it was tore up from the chain and poorly repaired. we got it working good not, but we need an intermediate bearing for the set up.

Friday, April 13, 2012

born free handlebars and teaser pics.

Dan and I made some progress on the born free bars, check it out. What do you guys think of the aircleaner? First person to guess what it is, gets a free oil tank site gauge.
This a center casting from a pair of offset bars. I don't really like the brazing on it and am afraid to use it for a set of restoration bars, so I am going to use it for a top clampHere are the edges chopped off.
all cleaned up and ready to go.

here is a cool shot of the risers. they are made out of 1.25 solid stock, that I turned a 1 degree taper on over a 3 inch span, then they were drilled out and coped, then welded to the bars.
These are some repro 49 50 handle bars that we got from Tom Faber in Michigan. We loaned him a set to copy, and he set us up with this pair. that was a few years ago and we haven't used them on any bikes, so we decided to use them on this bike. The only problem was they were too narrow, so I cut 4.25 inches out of the center, made a sleeve for the inside and welded them back together.
Here is a shot of them tacked in place, I still have to finish welding them and metal finish them out, but that shouldn't be too hard, I really like the way this bike is turning out. I can't wait to make the dash, it is going to be really trick. The fender will be a bit longer, than in this picture.

new bikes, lane splitting and a cool four five

Check out the rear view of the 28 j that John P set me up with. He bought this bike for me to use for spare parts on the cannonball run. The motor, trans and clutch are rebuilt and it was set on japanese bike wheels and has some awesome t bars for splitting lanes, or maybe just for pushing the bike around.
I need to get one of these shirts from grant and harpoon and hop on the lane splitting 28 j. haha

Brittney's dad has been up for the last week helping on the barnpartment. It is coming along pretty well. we had some other friends show up too and managed to get a bunch done.
This is my dad's new 64. this bike is pretty shiny and nice. i cant wait to take it for a spin.
This bike is really low for a duo glide, which is perfect for me because I am a short guy.
If Duke is a dangerous dog, then our shop cat hot wheels must be really dangerous to make duke sleep in fear.
Here is a shot of Jerold, Dan, Delmar, troy and me putting up some walls. This is going to be the bathroom.

my dad picked up this 28 j in Minnesota that is going to be used for back up parts for the bike that I am running on the cannonball in September. the motor and transmission are rebuilt. I kind of like the mag wheels and t bars
ooohhh ahhh check out the bates headlight. Maybe I should just bring this bike to born free for my invite
Here is a shot of the motor. this is pretty nice stuff.
another shot of the dangerous dog, no wonder our mail man is "terrified" of this monster
I set up the primaries on Dave's 45 earlier this week. I should have the wiring done this weekend. This bike is soooo cool. I love 45s