Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Help out fellow AMCA members Tim and Sandy

My Friends Tim and Sandy have been having a rough time.  Sandy had a massive stroke in early February and has been dealing with the side affects since then.  I met Tim and Sandy through going to the Chief Black Hawk Davenport meet when I was younger.   They are great antique enthusiasts and have always done a lot to help out with one of the best meets that the Antique Motorcycle Club of America puts on.  Check out the site and help them out if you can.  
I don't know what to say except take five minutes and check out this video, and this site.  Please repost where every you can and see fit.  thanks, count your blessings and have a great day


  1. It's a tragic thing, bittersweet video man, gave what I could, hope it helps.