Wednesday, November 28, 2012

taking a short trip

 My dad, Brittney and I are heading out in the morning to the mooneyes show in Japan.   The jesses and craig will still be at the shop working on cool stuff and taking orders if you need anything.
If any of you guys reading this are going to the Yokohoma show, please look us up and say hi.  I am not sure if the brog will work in Japan,  but if it does, I will try to do a few posts from my phone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good morning email

I just woke up to an email from shige. The born free bike made it to Japan safe and sound

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lotsa wheels and some motors

I hop you guys had a great thanksgiving. We spent it in the shop and got a lot of work done. Brittney and I finished up the hub for her race bike and hung some stuff up in the barn. A couple of motors showed up from the east coast today. One was a fifty one panhead and the other one was a thirty eight knucklehead. The pan looks like its never been apart. The knuckle looks like its seen better days. We will sort both of them out and make sure they last a long Lon time

Jesse Craig and I laced up a bunch of original restored wheels for projects. There are twenty wheels in the pile and we still have six to go. It's an exercise in organizational skills. They are super nice. I'm curious to see how long it takes Craig to true them

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy thanksgiving frame fixture

Hi guys. Happy thanksgiving. I just had a great holiday with family and friends. I am very fortunate to get to work with so many cool people from customers to vendors. Anyways here are some cool pics of the frame fixture attachment that I just made its pretty much self explanatory. It turne out welding fixture into something that we can use for doing minor tweaks. It took 500 bucks in material and 40 man hours. I'm gong to build some more a arms in the future. They work so nicely. Also my dad and I are on the new in the wind. I don't like posting press stuff on this site because i don't like self promotion. This is an exception because brittney , my dad, Matt Walksler and Me are all on the cover an we're riding old bikes. Check it out and have a great holiday

Monday, November 19, 2012

Excelsior parts run

A week before brittney and I got married we got a call from a guy in Minnesota who had found an excelsior motor fork and back wheel. He described it over the phone. We made an offer and agreed on a price and agreed that we could pick it up on our way to davenport in September. Brittney and I got married the next week. I continued working 16 to 18 hour days on the cannnball bike and in the shop until we left for davenport. We called Todd about the motorand he said that someone from California had offered him more money for it and that it wasn't available. Brittney and I were heart broken. We are working on gathering up parts for a thirteen excelsior and this Minnesota pile would have put us a lot closer to finishing the bike. I knew that there was no way that I could have spares the fifteen hours f driving to pick the motor and parts up before our wedding and although I was bummed about missing out on the stuff I was ok with it. So we went to davenport and went on the cannonball and hot back and cotinued working like maniacs to get bikes done and everything else jiving.

Fast forward to yesterday. My fad was cleaning up his room and found an envelope with a five digit number on it and a guys name and phone number. My dad couldn't make any sense of it so he called the number and left a message. Half an hour later the guy with the x stuff called back. And said that the mike from mikes motorcycles in California didn't follow through with his offer and seemed to be flaking out it at the very least dragging his feet. My dad told me about it and I got brittney and we drove non stop to go pick it up. This was our second chance. Missing out on these parts was the major black eye of my summer of 2012 and now I had a chance to make serious gains on the thirteen project.

We drive non stop and looked the parts over. Everything seemed to be in really good shape. There were a few broken fins. But everything had minimal wear and was in overall really nice shape. The front tire is an original white clincher tire the rear one must have been replaced its a black mon skid. The Corbin v band rear his in amazing shape and the fork is flawless. The fender is 1914 only an really cool.

Sometimes things work out in the end. Now we just have to round up the rest if the parts

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New mr3 carb

Check out this awesome carb that we just got from Dave. It is an aluminum mr3 which was used on 46 Wrs. We are going to put it on brittneys 1923 race bike. The nozzle goes into the center part of the bombsight Venturi and the nozzle has a little gasket that goes against the carb body. I've never seen one it's pretty cool. Thanks Dave we will put this to good use

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1945 45 and a 1955 74

Here Are some pics of Dave's wl that we finished up this month. It turned out really nice. I love WLs they are a loot of fun to ride. This bike has a great bobber look to it. I mounted the p pAd this morning which is a nice reproduction wr pad made by Dan pugens from Wisconsin. The fifty five is a fl we are working on right now. It should be done this spring.

Early motors and thirty six frame

Here Are some neat pictures of motors. They are a 1938, 1939 and a 1940. I love seeing sequential motors in a row like this. The frame is the thirty six frame that Jesse and I have been picking away at. It's ready to weld up and start brazing. It's going to be sweet

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New thirty nine to restore

Here are some quick snap shots of bobs 39. He bought it from a museum who got it from the original owner. It was a sidecar bike that had 8 thousand miles in it. The bike was restored in the late seventies Because it was a low mileage sidecar bike the parts are in near perfect condition. Check out how straight the fenders are and how nice everything is. You can still read the writing in the brake shoes and the bike even had the original muffler. It needs a new y pipe and saddle but I already make those. This bit should be pretty easy to do it will be airway blue and white like the one we just finished for Jim. He wants solid wheels like the wolf ones that are on eldon browns thirty nine
Except they are going to be 18 ". I already figured out how to make them. If you'd like a set as well shoot me an email. Also look at the chain guard. It is a spot welded short lip chain guard that was used in late thirty nine and forty. Somebody welded a backside skier onto it. This is a very clean and professional job. It looks like it is part of the stamping the only way that you can tell that it's welded on is that the metal is .010 thicker than the chain guard. Have you guys ever seen anything like this. It is a first for me