Sunday, August 29, 2010

fc 53 finished!

We fired up Frankie's 53 yesterday. It started on the third kick

Check out his original sparto tail light. This is the first real lens that I have ever seen. What a neat deal.

This is a nice sleek looking bike.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

fc53 almost done

Ray and my dad have been making great progress on this 53 for frankie. Should be fired up tonight or tomorrow. We ended up going through the wholebike and making it as bullet proof as possible. It is set up to cruise. I am excited about the bike but even more excited about having another local friend to go riding with.

Man o man I love black pipes, they really do a good job of framing the engine. Have a great day, I am going to go ride my sears.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

backwards seat!

Inever would have dreamed that we would make a set up like this. My daddy will be hauling Mike Lichter on the cannonball and Mike wanted a backwards facing seat to take pictures on. I put English Tim on this project, he is doing a great job on it. It is way over engineered, and sturdy.

here it is with a seat on it.

and with two dudes on it.
This is so damn cool! I cant wait to test it out! Videos to follow. I have a feeling that this is going to be a chick magnet lol! Let me know if you want one for your hydra glide lol

Friday, August 20, 2010

fifty three project.

The fifty three is making good head way. There is a lot of fitting involved in these bikes. It is working out nicely.

Still have some wiring to do, brakes and seat. Ray is kicking butt on this project. I am still sorting out my sears which is a monumental project. Should be running this week, then I can get back to hd projects.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

some non motor bike sturgis pics!

Here is a picture of four of my heroes, left to right-- Lori Struck Desilva, Gloria Struck, Tanya Dias and Beanre These people are amazing and you should know them!

Check out the hat! The HAT

These are some cock roaches in Reptile Gardens in The black hills. They have their own house.

HEre is a pic of Tanya and I in Rushmore Cave!

sorry for the lack of updates :(

Well guys and gals, I haven't posted on here lately because I have been so overwhelmed with working on my sears and the giveaway bike. I just got back from sturgis and wanted to post a couple pics of the sears and Ryan's WLA.

Here is the give away bike. Ryan kicked ass on the bike and it is really nice. It runs great and is super smooth and fun to ride. We had to make a longer clutch pedal and do a few other mods.

Here is a pic of young Ryan on his bike that is made up of donated parts from AMCA members all over the country. This has been a two year project for me between gathering up all the parts, promoting the contest, and helping Ryan make the whole thing happen.

Here is a pic of me and my dream boat after a 26 hour marathon work session. This pic was taken on the way to loading the bike up for the trip to sturgis. Thanks to everyone that helped get it done. There are still a few hours of work to do on it Hopefully I will have it fired up this weekend. I will post a video shortly. Wish me luck!