Thursday, June 30, 2011

i left my camera at the house, so here are some pics from my phone

Brittney and I went to story book land a couple nights ago, here is a picture of her next to the shoe.

The rear header pipe and y pipe were worn out on the 46, so miss Brittney changed them out.

My dad trimmed out Don's front fender. This makes such a huge difference in how it looks. I love it.

Here is a picture of Ben and I on my 36. He just got back from the foundry and need help moving a new statue so we rode in and helped out. I gave him a ride from the studio to the garage to get the fork lift. What a funny picture. I probably should not put this on the Internet

Here is a picture of us with the statue. It is hollow bronze, kind of like a Easter bunny, except it is 3/16 of an inch thick cast bronze and not chocolate

here is an old picture of my arm when we first took the cast off. Notice how crooked it is. this is when my radius bone was fused at a 25 degree angle. I had to have it re broken and set straight. ugh.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

chrome and misc...

I rode Andy's 47 yesterday and it is a real cream puff. The bike works exactly the way I like bikes. It tracks very straight, has lots of power and is smooth.I took this picture with my hands straight above my head and the camera pointing down. Notice that the steering dampener is loose and that I have good looking feet.

Markus rode my 36 with me. This bike looks so cool going down the road. I love knuckleheads.

What a great day.

We got a box of chrome bits from Pat yesterday. I am always impressed with how well he wraps things up. It is like Christmas.

All of the parts except for three pieces were for Jason's 65. I love working with pat, because he never over buffs things and keeps the definition of the parts features intact.

Here is one of the 62 to 65 turn signals. They turned out pretty good. The pot metal is very porous and difficult to polish.

Here it is all laid out.

And the fender tips for the 42. These are the ones that we pre fit a few weeks ago. They turned out great. I am not very good at taking pictures of chrome, they are amazing in real life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

picturesque riding pictures

My dad and I took the 47 and 42 into the Palm Garden for lunch. The bikes ran great.

My dad took Andy's 47. This bike is stellar. I love black 47 knuckleheads.

I had to adjust the clutch push rod and I chose to just leave the derby cover off until later.

I am pretty happy with this bike. There are still some growing pains to sort out. I should have it ready to roll in the next week or so.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

36 re do

I snapped the seat post on my 36 doing wheelies, so I dug some parts out of my dad's stash for a roller and had some friends pull my drive line out of my bike and put it together while I was in meetings. I am pretty excited to ride this bike.

This is just about done. should be running tonight.

Here is Brittney working on the clutch pedal and kickstand stuff.

XA fork with an 18 inch wheel and beauty ring.

This is what an original chrome narrow primary looks like. These things are so narrow and sleek. I will fix my seat post this winter and put the circus wagon back together.

Friday, June 24, 2011

fire in the hole and an amazing oil tank

Check out how nice the dash fits. man o man

Don swung up and picked up his 48 motor today and brought a cool oil tank to show us. It is a nos 37 oil tank. I have never seen one like this. I was amazed. It was the highlight of my week.

What an amazing opportunity to get measurements of where the decals are at. They are within a eighth of an inch from our original paint 37, so I guess it wasn't an exact science back in 1937. Check out how the border above harley is wrinkled or torn and placed back into the spot. SOOOO COOOL!

I took 20 or 30 pictures of this thing, but figured most of you would not be interested in seeing them. If you need a specific shot, email me.

I fired up Don's 42 today. It started on the first kick. His gas lines and air cleaner are off getting plated right now, so I put some donors on them. I like the way the six inch air cleaner looks compared to the seven inch one. It is all good though

I need a headlight bulb and a few other trinkets and I can start riding this bike.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

wheelie pictures

digging holes and finishing up motors

This picture was taken from inside the barn. What a bunch of digging. Jesse did most of it, I tried it for a few hours. Jobs like this make me appreciate working in the shop.


My dad is just finishing up Don's 48 motor. It is turning out very nice. This is for an original paint 48,Don's brother has an original paint 48 as well and they are consecutive serial numbers. We had to weld new spigots on the exhaust ports and consequently bead blast the heads. Our friend Markus set us up with some nasty old grease off of an oil pan from a case tractor that we heated up in the microwave and painted on the heads to make them look old. It turned out pretty well and the heads really match the rest of the aluminum.

It already looks good and will only look better the more it gets run and ridden.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hubs and tanks and all the good things in life

Check out the nos victory tank emblem gaskets. These are so damn cool. I have a pretty good stash of nos ones, but eventually I will have to make up some victory stamps and stamp my own.

It is starting to look like an actual bike.

woo hoo. I got some stepped hubs back from Lee today. We send them off to be hard chromed, then ground back down to standard size. I did this on my 36 hubs and they have held up really well. They are good for at least 95 mph.

This is the hot set up. Now we just have to metal finish the hub and take them over to get painted.

42 lights

I am working on lights today. Progress is being made and I should have all the electrical stuff sorted out on this bike in the next 24 hours.

Bikes always look so much better and real when they are on the ground.

Here are some blue prints that I have been working on for a bobber project. It is fun to start with a clean slate and design around necessity. I cant wait to see this in metal form.

Monday, June 20, 2011

cutting seats and routing cables

Here is a cool tool that used to be made by KOLEE. KOLEE was a company in Aberdeen that was around for over 100 years. They closed down a few years ago which is kind of a bummer.

Here is a picture of the fly cutter cutting a new counter bore in the seat. This hole was not concentric and dropping seats, so we have to cut a new counter bore, and custom make a seat for it.

Here is a picture of Don's front brake all set up.

I routed the cable low, so that it would be in the correct position once it was adjusted up. I still have to set up the shoes, but it should be done later on today.