Wednesday, June 29, 2011

chrome and misc...

I rode Andy's 47 yesterday and it is a real cream puff. The bike works exactly the way I like bikes. It tracks very straight, has lots of power and is smooth.I took this picture with my hands straight above my head and the camera pointing down. Notice that the steering dampener is loose and that I have good looking feet.

Markus rode my 36 with me. This bike looks so cool going down the road. I love knuckleheads.

What a great day.

We got a box of chrome bits from Pat yesterday. I am always impressed with how well he wraps things up. It is like Christmas.

All of the parts except for three pieces were for Jason's 65. I love working with pat, because he never over buffs things and keeps the definition of the parts features intact.

Here is one of the 62 to 65 turn signals. They turned out pretty good. The pot metal is very porous and difficult to polish.

Here it is all laid out.

And the fender tips for the 42. These are the ones that we pre fit a few weeks ago. They turned out great. I am not very good at taking pictures of chrome, they are amazing in real life.


  1. That's is a sexy shiny pile. I'd be happy to work with that guy pat, too, if he shipped stuff like that to my house.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. My compliments to your hard work and attention to detail. I have not reached your level of restoration. I hope that you find all the answers your looking for to complete your restorations.

  3. Yes, nice feet - forget I said that...