Sunday, November 11, 2012

New thirty nine to restore

Here are some quick snap shots of bobs 39. He bought it from a museum who got it from the original owner. It was a sidecar bike that had 8 thousand miles in it. The bike was restored in the late seventies Because it was a low mileage sidecar bike the parts are in near perfect condition. Check out how straight the fenders are and how nice everything is. You can still read the writing in the brake shoes and the bike even had the original muffler. It needs a new y pipe and saddle but I already make those. This bit should be pretty easy to do it will be airway blue and white like the one we just finished for Jim. He wants solid wheels like the wolf ones that are on eldon browns thirty nine
Except they are going to be 18 ". I already figured out how to make them. If you'd like a set as well shoot me an email. Also look at the chain guard. It is a spot welded short lip chain guard that was used in late thirty nine and forty. Somebody welded a backside skier onto it. This is a very clean and professional job. It looks like it is part of the stamping the only way that you can tell that it's welded on is that the metal is .010 thicker than the chain guard. Have you guys ever seen anything like this. It is a first for me

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