Thursday, November 8, 2012

Motor pics from te last few weeks

My dad finished up Pete's forty el motor. It turned out really nice. It had the typical left side case crack which is a challenge to fix. It's good to go now and will last a lot of miles.

The pan with silver cylinders is a fifty six it had a busted out cam area in the right case. The owner spent six years restring the bike. He had a local guy do the motor for him. And he set it up wrong. Anyways Chris finished his fifty six restoration, fired it up and rode it around the block twice and noticed it didn't sound right he pulled the am cover and saw metal everywhere!!! We got it all fixed up for him.

The pan with the black cylinders is for a friend in Minnesota. He bought it on eBay. It was rusted and nasty. We got it fixed up and ready to go. He's going to build a 57 bobber bike out of it.

The short block is a thirty eight that my dad is finishing up. It should be done soon. He did the heads for it while brittney and I were on te cannonball. It is sweet. We have three other thirty eight motors to do this winter I'm so excited!!! Early knuckleheads are the best

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  1. I would love to see that crack fix or whatever like it. Aluminum is the a;lwkdfawnl;awero;jkav;eoavkn (xplitive deleted) of repair to me. Love to see what CAN be done. Thanks, Paul