Friday, April 13, 2012

new bikes, lane splitting and a cool four five

Check out the rear view of the 28 j that John P set me up with. He bought this bike for me to use for spare parts on the cannonball run. The motor, trans and clutch are rebuilt and it was set on japanese bike wheels and has some awesome t bars for splitting lanes, or maybe just for pushing the bike around.
I need to get one of these shirts from grant and harpoon and hop on the lane splitting 28 j. haha

Brittney's dad has been up for the last week helping on the barnpartment. It is coming along pretty well. we had some other friends show up too and managed to get a bunch done.
This is my dad's new 64. this bike is pretty shiny and nice. i cant wait to take it for a spin.
This bike is really low for a duo glide, which is perfect for me because I am a short guy.
If Duke is a dangerous dog, then our shop cat hot wheels must be really dangerous to make duke sleep in fear.
Here is a shot of Jerold, Dan, Delmar, troy and me putting up some walls. This is going to be the bathroom.

my dad picked up this 28 j in Minnesota that is going to be used for back up parts for the bike that I am running on the cannonball in September. the motor and transmission are rebuilt. I kind of like the mag wheels and t bars
ooohhh ahhh check out the bates headlight. Maybe I should just bring this bike to born free for my invite
Here is a shot of the motor. this is pretty nice stuff.
another shot of the dangerous dog, no wonder our mail man is "terrified" of this monster
I set up the primaries on Dave's 45 earlier this week. I should have the wiring done this weekend. This bike is soooo cool. I love 45s


  1. Matt - Who are you kidding? The 2nd photo ... "Duke" clearly has "Hot Wheels" in a strangle hold! (I'm writing to the USPCA "US prevention of cruelty to animals" to report this ... and the UFC to line up an appropriate fight for "Duke")


  2. Air Cooled Generator cover!

  3. T-bars, Mag wheels...
    South London Style .