Friday, December 28, 2012

Working working working

It's Friday night and we've been having fun in the shop and getting a lot of stuff done. I set up the primaries on the forty seven and my dad finished up the valves on two sets of panheads. I welded up a couple more stainless steel fishtails for the batch of stainless 1936 to 1940 mufflers that I'm doing. It's a lot more challenging to work with Ss steel. But it will be really cool to have a stainless muffler for my bike and a few friends bikes. Two of these will end up on my friend joes thirty seven. Hes building a bike that he hopes to go 150 mph with. I really think he can do it. Hopefully I can get you guys some pics as it progresses

We got a set of original Flanders risers for Scott's thirty eight and a mechanically restored speedometer for bobs thirty Nine
Jesse blasted a pair of four fin cylinders that came with a motor from new York. They were sleeves and whoever did it used top much of an interference fit and cracked them on the sides. I've never seen a set break like this and it really buns me out. I need some four fin cylinders for a couple bikes we are working on and it just really sucks when somebody that doesn't know what they are doing destroys parts

The pic of brittney and I is from mooneyes. My friend Sumino sent or toe. I wa really nervous riding the bike through the show. There were probably seen hundred people lining the pathway to the stage. It was pretty unreal.

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  1. A stainless muffler on my bike would be amazing too. Am sorry that you have to work this hard though. i wish and hope too that your friend will be successful with this 150 mph bike he is making.