Saturday, December 15, 2012

metal filler

Here is the front motor mount on Paul's 37 frame, it is a new vtwin mount which is a forging and tough as nails.   The dimensions are all corect, but the aesthetics are off.   Sometimes you run into an issue like this, where you have a nice reproduction part that is functional but needs a few features tweaked to make it look more like the original.   In this pic, the mount has already been welded to the  frame with steel filler rod, the first pass of sillicone bronze rod is already on, and I have to make a few more so that there is something for Jesse to file off.
 Here is the nearly finished mount.  1936 and 1937 frames have brazed front motor mounts, so there wont be any welding on this one.  I still have to put a couple tacks on the added mount to make it look authentic.  This is a lot of work, but it turned out really nice.

 This is a similar problem,  This frame is for Doug's 39,   some chopper momo  ground these lips off of the casting.

 Here is a pic of the filler on top

And here it is after Jesse filed it down.
This is the rear fender mount,  you can see that the horn button looking joint cups got sanded down,  this was definitely done to make somebody's bike more custom back in the day
 Here they are all done.   They are only tacked on the bottom of the frame on frames from 1936 to 1946. This is a lot of work, but its worth the effort.
Here is dougs frame all done.  It has new bottom rails, original loops installed and a new seat post and brake cross over shaft.   This is the frame that was in the jig during my wedding for those of you that came.

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