Friday, December 21, 2012

Jacks thirty six sheetmrtal

My friend jack sent his thirty six sheet metal to us to sort out. Jack bought this bike six or eight years ago from a European broker. It was in the wrong frame and had some strange modifications done to the bike out o necessity. One of the strange things was the shift arm and shift gAte were moved eight inches back on the left tank. This was very well done modification but it kind of makes you wonder why?? I cut a shift pivot off of a donor forty five tank which should work out pretty well. The biggest problem with the tanks is that they are Coates on the inside. What process have you guys had the best luck with removing tank coating? Please chime in

Also the bungs I. The tank were switched. The large reserve tank valve was in the right tank and the small valve was in the left tank. We can sort it out and fix it. It's just strange. The good news is that the fenders and tanks are unbelievably straight. The rear fender has zero rot or dents. It was never drilled for saddlebags which is so bizarre The frot fender is nice. Although somebody put rl or wl braces in it at some point. Stay tuned on this cool project. We are also doing the frame and fork and drivetrain eventually


  1. hey matt, here in australia there are a few different tank liners that get used.....some are pretty crap and some are good. the POR one stands up to our crap fuels but not many else...

    ive used a couple of different things to remove liners that are (usually already peeling off) acetone and like ethanol...which is acually contained in some fuels here and what causes these liners to breakdown in the first place.

    and then there is the sure fire way to get it off...but you already know what that one is im sure. cut and blast.

    take it easy mate...merry xmas to you and the fam....

  2. As you probably know already,complete start over. I take mine up to the local radiator shop for a boil out and recoat. They do the coating and it comes out great. Only problem is paint gets ruined.

  3. Matt ,I have heard that acetone dissolves most tank coatings,.Adam.

  4. acetone will dissolve many tank linings