Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1937 UL

Here is a pic of the bike I worked on yesterday, it is a shiny nice looking bike 1937 UL

Check out the oil pump, This bike has been modified for skirt oilers.
The extra oil line goes up to the cylinders and oils the skirts of the pistons.
Some guy sells an instruction booklet on how to do this modification, his instructions
are pretty good, but the section on machining the feed pump is incomplete, be careful if
you ever do this mod by your self.
The reason I was working on this bike yesterday, was because it was smoking
out of the front cylinder. The service manual tells you not to use oil rings on the
front cylinder on Us and Es. With the extra skirt oilers, there was some oil blowing past
the two compresssion rings and into the combustion chamber on the front cylinder. So we pulled the cylinder put new rings in it and fixed the problem.

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  1. Damm they was Beautiful Machines!! I'm putting together '37UL from pieces wherever I can find them...costing me a fortune.....but if she looks even half as good as this one will be money well spent. So far I got original '37 Motor, Trans and Tanks. Parts is hard to get in Hawaii so I'm gonna have to use re-pops if I ever wann get her finished...Aloha....Mike M