Thursday, May 28, 2009

1949 Harley Davidson LE sidecar

Jesse started cleaning up our original paint sidecar today, it is peacock blue, just like the 49 that we bought a couple of months ago.

Here is some of the crud that came out of it. It smelled like cat pee. Ick!

Check out the hornet's nest!!!!


  1. Hey Matt, nice sidecar! Where did you come up with that baby? I have a "49" Pan I'm building now and am looking for the same sidecar. Let me know if you see anything out there, would you? Wanna sell that one? Desertdog.

  2. HI,
    We have an extra sidecar leftover from the cannonball run. give the shop a call next week and we can talk about it.
    Matt Olsen

  3. Hey again Matt. Sorry man I'm new to this blog thing. In other words I don't know what the hell I'm doin'. Don't know if I need to sign up to get info on the shop. Can you send me the phone number or e-mail? Thanks,Desertdog