Saturday, November 2, 2013


I took the circus wagon for a ride today. It was so much fun.  I love this bike I cant believe that I have had it for ten years.  It seams like I just got it yesterday.  I sound like an old man lol
 There was a big gouge in this 36 clutch pedal, so I welded it up.  
 We are doing final prep on this 36 frame and a 40 frame for paint next week!
 Here is a rough beat up primary cover that I need to fix.  I have one chunk welded in and will do the other one after lunch.  I read an article about paucho that said that this was the first part they made.   They really take a beating and there has been a need for them for over 40 years!!   This one is for an original paint 47 that we rebuilt the motor and straightened the frame and fork on.  

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