Thursday, November 7, 2013

brake drums, fast wife, buco and a 39

 I spent the day riding Jim's 39 around.  It is really a nice bike.  It was 50 degrees out today with a cold wind.   MY ears felt like they were going to fall off after each ride, but it was worth it.   We have another blue and white 39 to do and a green one as well.   I think that this is my all time favorite tank panel layout of the pre war years. 
 Our friend Haley from North Carolina sent us a flash drive with a bunch of photos of Brittney racing in Wauseon. I cant wait to see her race again.  She really did a good job this summer and got comfortable with her bike.  
 I have been putting springers for different bikes together.  This was a tough one,  I will post pics of the others in the next post

 Here are the ones that got powdercoated.

 HEre are a bunch of brake drums with new sprockets on them.  This is so much damn work.   I still have to put in the missing dowel pins in a few of them, but the hard work is mostly over.
 My dad bought these sweet saddle bags for his 40 el that hes been piecing together for 14 years.  They are old buco ones.  I am not really sure what era they are from.  Do any of you guys have literature for them?
 eagle on the flap
 Greg, even packed them with paper towels!  Thanks greg, we just used the last one of a roll by the sink. 
Nice stamp!

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