Saturday, January 15, 2011

header pipe deetails

I fit the header pipes on the 42 this morning. HEre is a pic of the front header pipe installed and situated where it needs to be. I marked the case with a sharpie where the pipe ends up.

NExt i installed the original s pipe and checked it out with the mark on the case. This tells me that the repro front header pipe is too long to work with an original s pipe. so I trimmed .200 off of the end of it.

Here is a pic of them all fit up. We make the rear header pipes, the front one was made by dennis corso and the y pipe and s pipe are bothe originals.

OOOOHHHH AHHHH check out how nice the pipe lines up with the exhaust port of the head

This is perfection. I am so glad that we have nice graceful header pipes that fit correctly for our bikes and our friends.

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