Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ray finished up the 2 39 transmissions this morning . They are soooooo nice. I can't wait to build bikes around these things.

It is pretty common for the transmission filler plugs to be stripped out. We have the helicoil set up to repair the threads, but sometimes they are even too big for helicoils. This is jason's 47 cover and it is wollored out.

The only option to really fix this besides running a huge pipe thread plug is to weld it up and re drill and tap it. Here it is all welded up.

This is a 38 cover that was welded up too. In this picture the minor diameter ofthe threads are being bored out.

The next step is to spot face it after the hole is drilled and tapped. the diameter is 1.5 inches. we made a special fly cutter to do it, since we didn't have a 1.5 endmill.

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