Thursday, January 20, 2011

switch details

I pulled out this neat box of nos wires for the 42. These just have clothe over the copper wire and no rubber on them. the box is marked april 1945. sooo sometime in 45 is when the country started putting rubber on the copper wire and then weaving clothe over the top of it we are doing 46fl20xx and it has the early thin wires, our original paint 46el39xx has the thick wires with clothe woven over the top of plastic.

I built up a restored ignition switch for the 42. This is the side profile of the original bakelight switch terminal. See how warped it is. These plates are the main culprit of gummy and soft operating switches. I have tried three or four different ways of straightening these things out and I always end up snapping the bakelight. the only solution was to make up new ones.

Here is one of the revised prototype bases . My dad is having some made up and they work great.

Here is a picute of the switch all mounted up and ready to run. The switch snaps into all of the positions that it needs to and has an amazingly positive feel to it. I am going to start picking away at wiring this bike over the next couple of days.

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