Monday, January 31, 2011

Progress is progress

My dad finished up Vern's 46 motor. This thing is perfect. This bike was pretty original and low mileage, so we were able to use a lot of the hardware over again. It has .010 over fl cylinders which is soooooo cool. It is pretty risky to sleeve original fl cylinders and we usually try to avoid it. Anyways this bike is going to be blue with cream emblems. I am excited about it. I should be putting the motor and trans in the frame pretty soon.

Ray tore down the shocks for the 65 this morning. I have never taken these things apart before, so I was pretty excited to see how it works.

HEre are all the pieces laid out.

I spent the morning sorting out plating for 16 carburetors. Lots of sorting and organizational skills haha.

HEre is the list, I am almost done. Then I will get all the parts for the remaining transmissions done.

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  1. Hmm. More sleeveing problems. I think it is more of a science than some machinists are aware of, but really, what is the potential? I keep thinking sleeves should have the outside diameter taper in at the top. Is this already done? The 2 Excelsiors I have seen blown both cracked at the top of the sleeve cut. Bang!Something fishy here. Winners don't need excuses. I have also heard casting reproduction early Henderson cylinders is cheap like $100 per but, isn't the shrinkage a buzz kill on that? Have a nice day n thanks, Paul