Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vern's bottom end

My dad is making good progress on vern's 46. this was a pretty complete nice original machine. It is 46fl20xx and had silver lifter blocks and oil pump. so I guess hd made the switch pretty early in 46.


Here is a neat pic of him torqueing the lifter block screws down. Each one is set at 75 to 100 inch pounds. This motor should be done this weekend. This bike is going to be so nice!!!!!


  1. I feel like dumping all my Excelsior engines on your doorstep. Caught the sano bug! Thanks, Paul V

  2. From Facebook: Thailand is like Hawaii but maybe better. It's 80 degrees and sunny every day. Population is young and friendly like a college campus. Just scoped in on the Bangkok Motorcycle Show. It was totally rad and huge even with some gorgeous Harleys. Saw a nice early Harley 45. I'll try and get pics on my Facebook. Nightclubs after have to be seen to be believed. Love your blog. Going to machinists tomorrow for X parts. Thanks, Paul