Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more nerdy details

Here are the two wires for the headlight on the 42

Here they are made into little nooses. Early pre war nooses look like this. sometime during the war, hd cut back on the generous amount of wire used and had a different looking set up. page down to see what a post war one looks like. This is what the terminals on our original paint 37 and 41 knuckleheads look like.

Here is a pic of the noose being soldered. this works really well and allows you to put the bare minimum of solder onto the terminal. Once you have the terminal soldered up, you can flick it to flin the excess solder out.

HEre are the terminals for the 47 that I am working on. They are a bit different than the pre war ones. I am not sure when they switched. Our untouched 46 and 47 knuckleheads are like this.

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