Friday, January 14, 2011

the little things

I spent the morning finishing bolting in the 42 motor and transmission. The right mount did not need any shimming and the left one needed .006 thousandths

Check out the hammer lock cotter pins, they are tin plated just like originals. these are what hd used on early bikes. The tail is only bent at 30 degrees this allows you to re use them.

check out the sharp hex corners and rough machine marks on the head of the motor mount bolts. We make our own, which is a lot of work, but we end up with a product that is indistinguishable from oems and amazing.
Here is the generator mounted in for the last time. The tag is nickle plated and there are no lock washers under the gen cover screws, just like originals. There should not be a flat washer under the case bolt, but we always put one on motors, this is a very weak spot, and prone to cracking

Here is the inner primary mounted up. This is an original inner cover that was a little torn up in the front, I tig welded the cracks up, but I still wanted to run the front reinforcement plate, this adds a ton of strength to the set up.

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