Monday, January 24, 2011

neck cups and pressure testing

Here is a neat pic of my dad pressure testing a vl cylinder.

This is a super rare early vl cylinder that had had the intake insert brazed into previousely. There must have been a huge chunk missing out of it and they used the brass as filler. there really is no way to fix this. we pressure tested it, found the leaks and silver soldered them up. there is still a little bubbly spot in this picture. We got it alll sealed up, now we just have to drill it and put the rivets in. I guess these things are impossible to find. I know that this set was a huge undertaking and I am glad they are almost done.

Well I spent the day switching out the neck cups on Andy's 47. It had repro ones in it when we first got the bike, and I didn't have any originals when I was putting it together. well as you can see the repro ones are sooooo ugly. These were the first thing that I looked at whenever I saw the bike. I got some originals back from the cad plater and decided to switch them out. We are in the process of having our own made up, and I cant wait to be free from having to use the best quality reproduction.

HEre is a neat pic of the steering dampener all ligned up.

Check out the nice original cups. Now I won't have a painful eyesore pulling my attention towards it when I look at this primo 47.

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