Friday, January 14, 2011

39 transmisson gears and speedo drive gear warning

Ray started on the 39 transmissions yesterday while I was home healing my eyeballs. These are both 39 cases with our gears in them. My dad made up 25 sets of 1939 only transmission gears a couple years ago. He put a set in his 39 and put 12,000 trouble free miles on them, so we put them on the market.

This is a v twin speedo drive gear. The teeth are cut on a big piece of metal, then the center is bored out and finally the individual gear is cut off of the role with a parting tool. The only problem is--is that they are not debured correctly. Look closely at the sharp little pieces of metal at the end of each tooth.

It is a lot more noticeable in this picture.

HEre is what the excess looks like, it is better to have these little guys in the trash than to have them floating around in your transmission oil. lol After all of them are broken off, you have to hand dress each tooth. everything on the gear measures out well when compared to an original, they just are not finished well. If you put a fiber speedo drive gear against the fresh out of the bag gear, it would destroy the teeth on it. This would be impossible to trouble shoot on a completed bike. disaster has safely been avoided.

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