Monday, January 10, 2011


My dad made it back from his weekend trip to wisconsin. He went to the knucklehead company's christmas party, and picked up a 39 paint job and his new chrome tanks.

Gilby's street department handled painting this bike, Larry Medwig did the body work. Both guys did an amazing job! Thanks for your help.

Gilby had the original paint 39 that sold for 110 k in his shop a while ago, and took all of the measurements of where the panel and decal are supposed to be. This takes all of the guess work out of the job.

OOOOOHHHH AHHHHH check out the super nice fender definition and rivets! I hate it when these are flooded with paint. This is what airway blue and white look like.

And I couldn't call it a night without seeing what the chrome tanks look like! This is going to be so bright! I am going to get a chrome front fender from harley for the front, but I really need to find a rear fender that is good enough to chrome plate. Do you guys know where I can find one? Please advise


  1. Nice chrome tanks man! Did the ULH show up yet?

  2. You know I can make a chopper style fender you can polish & plate if you want to go that route...