Monday, January 10, 2011

the little things

well I am in the final stages of sorting out a small batch of black paint for the painters. This is always an intense experience that involves going over all of the old parts and making sure that there are no overlooked problems or damaged areas. Here is a problem that we run into on oiltanks occasionally. The nipple is bent 20 degrees from its original spot. This is a lot easier to fix now than when the tank is painted.
Here is the bar that my dad made up years ago to do this. it is basically just a piece of round stock that is drilled and tapped on the end to screw onto the fitting. With this screwed on, you can basically move the nipple wherever you want to.

I ran into a bent drainplug, this is something that I have never seen before. I would love to hear the stories these seventy year old parts could tell if they were able to talk.

A few posts ago I talked about the issues of making a repro oil filter bracket work and mentioned that the return line was too short, well I made a new one today and it will work great and provide miles of happy riding!

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