Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1941 Harley Davidson EL wiring details part 1

My friend Mike is finishing up his 41 knucklehead bobber, and asked me for some pics of wire routing. My dad has a primo 41 that is pretty much untouched. The fenders have been repainted, the seat has been changed and the horn was missing, but other than that it is all real deal legit stuff. Oh yeah, the bike only had seven thousand miles on it when we got it.

HEre is a neat pic of the wires that go to the tail light and battery.

Here is an awesome stamp it reads,

"Federal Use Tax
on Motor Vehicle
June 10th 1942
Keep this stamp
posted on Vehicle"

Haveany of you guys seen something like this? I bet they used them on trucks and cars too.

Here is a pic of the dash to headlight wire loom. standard bikes with out spotlights did not have the extra terminal on the up side of the rubber horn bracket. Also 1938 to 1941 upper horn rubbers did not have a middle hole in them, the later replacement rubbers had the hole as do reproductions.

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