Monday, January 17, 2011


we got some early circuit breakers from Jim in iowa on saturday. 36, 37 and some 38 circuit breaker caps are different than later ones. They are kind of dimpled at the top. IT is a tought thing to photograph, but I tried.

Here is a cool pic of an original speedo cable with the stewart warner script on it. This cable came with the 42. these cables are very difficult to find. Some had the script and some did not.

Here is a cool detail. HD used a flat washer between the speedo cable clamp. This is the large diameter 5/16 flat washer not the small one. Our original 37, 41, 46 and 47 all have the same set up. I am not sure if this detail is in any factory literature.
Ray is cruising on the two 39 transmissions. The shifting forks are timed on Jims, and dougs are being worked on. We make the gears and the offset shift fork. The work great.

woo hooo! I am setting up primaries on three bikes, I will post pics later.

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  1. Nice, clean looking photos. Even, your shop looks cleaner than any place I've ever worked. From what my family tells me about SD these days you must be sick of the snow. At least you've got a good shop where you can spend time.

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