Wednesday, January 26, 2011

48 panhead pics

I have been really wrapped up in nerdy detail stuff lately and haven't posted any complete bike shots. So i figured I would put up some neat 48 picturs. HEre is a 48 panhead that we built a couple years ago. Our friend George in Colorado bought it. It is featured in his book "The Evolution of the Harley Davidson." Check it out, you can buy it on his site at This bike was a blast to build and fun to ride. It Is an EL, which is the best motor that harley ever made.

Nice Left side profile. I think this bike scored 97 or 98 points. IT was perfect.

Ahhh what a sleak looking beast. As soon as we finish up the 42, 47 and 52, we will move onto John's red 48.

And here is a neat picture of an early kicker gear next to a later one. Pretty rare stuff.

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