Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Harley emblem colors for 1945 and 1946

The first knucklehead that I ever had was a 1945 knucklehead, it is the black police bike on our website ( Go check it out. anyways, Harley painted the emblems on1945 and most of the 1946 civilian bikes that they made. A lot of guys say that 44 had painted emblems, we even built a 44 knucklehead with painted emblems, but I am not entirely convinced that HD made them, the two original bikes that I have seen have both had chrome emblems. Anyways, This post is about painted emblems. This is a nos black emblem.

This is a nos blue emblem next to a paint out of skyway blue

This is a nos gray emblem.

and this is a nos cream emblem, which did not come out until 1946. We are doing a super early 46 this batch and it is going to be skyway blue with cream emblems, which looks great. I bought all of these emblems a long time ago so that I would have paint references whenever I was doing a war time bike. They have served me well, and I am glad that I got them when I did, which was probably 10 years ago!


  1. Matt, great information on the emblem colors, were they all brass emblems or were some made of steel or other material? Thanks, Tim

  2. hi tim,
    they are all steel. the early chrome ones were brass. the late chrome plated emblems in 46 were steel

  3. hi Matt,

    yes this informations are really interesting.
    I'm also surching 2 old classic emblems for my sportster but it isn't so easy in europe.