Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waxes and Ypipes

I picked out the exhaust for the 42 today. This is the original panhead y pipe that we will be using. there were some holes in it where someone screwed the exhaust together, and a few tiny rust pin holes.

Here it is all welded up. The little pinholes really opened up into bigger holes as soon as they got hot! It is a challenge to weld thing sheet metal. This is a little easier than most things since the roundness of the pipe makes the metal stronger.

HEre it is all ground up and ready to fit

I hung out with my friend Dan from loveland. He is in town making some neat molds, he delivered some waxes and picked up some more parts to take molds off of. We are making some reallly neat stuff coming up that will be amazing. I'll keep you posted.

I ordered 40 more generator saddles, but he only had time to cast 16 of them. I am shocked that I sold out the first batch that we made up. I guess it is a lot better to use one of these little guys than to cut up an original case. Let me know if you need one out of the next batch for your ul, knuckle or panhead.

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  1. Matt,I'm wondering if you guys ever sleeve cylinders. Two different friends have blown tops off early teens Excelsior front cylinders because of sleeveing thin cylinders. Stock early Excelsior cast cylinder walls are near 3/16-1/4" if I guess right. Too thin after rebores to be properly done? Hmmm. Thanks, Paul