Thursday, January 20, 2011

whopper jad and proper jad.

Jesse was cleaning up a part of the shop and found a few of the industry giant m and ms that I had made for kevin baas last year.

HEre is how the clutch pedal fit on the 42. This is not good. It is all bent up and whopper jad.

It is also pretty common for people to trim the front stop off so that the pedal goes back far enough to disengage the clutch arm on the transmission. This is pretty easily remedied by adjusting your push rod, but none the less it still seams to happen quite a bit. Here is the new piece that I welded on before it got glued to the pedal. It is a little big, but that makes it easier to grind it to the right dimensions after welding it on.

HEre is the pedal with the stop welded on and straightened out.

Now that the pedal is propper jadded, I just have to parkerize the pedal and it is ready to go.

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