Monday, January 17, 2011

kevin's lawn mower case

Here is kevin's 40ulh case. he sent it to me to check out all of the pits and the shear ugliness of this thing. I started grinding to get down to the original parent metal. There was also a nasty crack inside the case that needed to be addressed

the more I ground the more junk I found in the case. I decided to just cut off all of the old weld and start from scratch. Look at all of the dirt and grease in this mount I was shocked. it must have been welded in the bike a hundred years ago or something. This repair would have failed.

HEre is what I had to grind out and cut off. I just kept cutting and grinding till there weren
't any pits. This is a pretty serious repair.

Here is the same case with all of the welding almost finished. Lots of pre and post heating went on between the last picture and this one. man o man. I laid the rib and mount in extra thick so I can sculpt the metal into looking just like an original case. the next step is to cut the bottom mount, drill the hole and start grinding shaping and texuring. what a bunch of fun. I love making something out of nothing.


  1. I'm amazed at what you do - Fantastic!!!

  2. This inspires me. I have a couple of pretty nasty Detroit Henderson engines to raise from the dead. One has a fragmented transmission case and the other is warped and has a couple of crude patches where rods poked out. I think it was raced. Thanks, Paul