Monday, January 17, 2011

Primaries and peak seals

My dad spent the day machining intake manifolds and making peak seals for them. THis is a good deal and definitely worth the effort. I love this set up. We used to cut the surfaces on the lathe, but this is a more rigid set up and quicker. The biggest advantage is not having to press inserts into the manifold over and over again. Any steps that you can take to eliminate putting stress on 70 year old metal is always a good thing.

I spent the day sorting out primaries on three bikes. I love doing things in batches and it cuts the time down on setting things up. It is a bit of a test in organizational skills, but worth the extra effort. I took this picture to show that we DO NOT USE THE TOP HAT TIN COVER. This is a pointless piece. IT is very important to have your pulleys lined up. The tin cover is pointless if your pulleys are where they are supposed to be, plus if you have to change a broken belt on the side of the road, you can not slip the belt onto the pulley. so all of you guys throw those things away!

I still have to adjust the spring pressure, but it is almost done! The pully combination that we use is a special set up that we have with BDL, The set up is geared up, but the speedometer reads correctly. BELT Drives are the best, you only have to adjust them once, they are smoother than chains, quiter, plust they add at least five years to your life. BELTS>chains

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  1. Matt, Exactly what do you mean "top hat tin cover"? You mean forget the tin cover period or a tin cover with the derby cover?
    Pardon my ignorance. I'm confused. I run a tin cover over the 1 3/4" belt drive. I have footboards and foot shift-mousetrap too. If that makes a difference in your comment.
    I like this blog.