Monday, January 3, 2011

circuit breakers and the tedds blues

Here is a pic of a repro oil filter bracket. click this picture and zoom in where the radius meets the flat part that the filter bolts too. there are two cracks on each side of the bracket. These need to be welded up otherwise the bracket will break, which is exactly what you don't want a part to do.

The two hairline cracks are really the easy parts to fix. the orientation on the bracket is off quite a bit. IF you just bolt it together, the oil filter sits at a 10 degree slope and is not parallel with the wheels. You can fix these problems by heating the bracket up, twisting and bending it. The first one I did a few years ago took me five or six hours of messing around, now I can usually do them in three bends which is about a 45 minute job. I got the oil filter where I want it, but now the line from the motor to the filter is too short! I will make up a proper line in the morning and move onto the next task on this bike. A lot of people complain about poor quality reproduction parts-- I used to as well. It is still better to have something to work with rather than make it from scratch

I put some surgi lube on the door knob for my dad's room and shut the door to cheer everyone up this morning.

Here are a bunch of circuit breakers that my dad fixed up over the weekend. You have to completely dis assemble the bases, clean them, re grease and re assemble them, other wise they make all sorts of noise which is very annoying.

Here is one installed on John's 38 bottom end. they are sooooo beautiful.

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