Friday, January 14, 2011

making our own fun ins south dakota

Jesse brought in a microwave to work today. We blew one up last year by putting fireworks in it, and had so much fun that we made up a new policy of "retiring" any old surplus microwaves at my parents place out in the country. We had a shop meeting this morning and decided to try putting a can of pb blaster with an action figure taped to it inside of the microwave. We can justify experiments like this by saying that we are doing it in the name of science.

Jesse and I know the importance of proper safety attire. The hard hat was my grandfathers when he was an oil worker. Safety first!

Here is the action figure preparing for lift off.

They were in there for 12 minutes together. The microwave just smoked a bunch and made sparks. All of us stood by with fire extinguishers waiting for an explosion, but were collectively disappointed. The action figure, can and rotating dish are all melted together now.

Check out the nozzle! It is hard to believe that this didn't explode. I guess that the warning about contents being flammable when heated doesn't hold much substance. Have a good night everyone.


  1. Burnt remains looking suspiciously like the mouse on the knife. I won't tell.

  2. If you're that bored out in SD it's time to make some spud guns. Worked for me and my father in law.

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